Here are some of our customers paying us the highest compliment. We are very proud of the repair work done in our shop so we apologize if this seems a little long winded. Repeat customers & referrals have contributed to All American Auto Body’s success. We look forward to building that relationship with you.

Below are some testimonies regarding our services.

I liked the way they covered all aspects of repair.

Gordon Oury
Nissan Altima

Hyundai dealer recommended shop so that was my first choice. I was very satisfied with the shop. I had questions and they had answers.

Kimberly Garcia
Hyundai Santa Fe

They were reasonable. Wouldn’t change a thing.

Jason Gleich
Ford F-150

They did an excellent and professional job.

Ascencio Alejandro
BMW 318i

It was right down the street from my job and customers at work all told me it was a good place. They even held my check for a week for my deductible.

Robin Tehan
Daewood Leganza

From employer’s recommendation. They were excellent.

Eric Hartmann
Ford Expedition

Because of previous repair work done. Also because of Jason Lange and Becky, along with the rest of his crew. They treat people with respect.

Ed Holic
Chrysler Sebring

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