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All American Auto Body offers a wide variety of repair and touch-up work for vehicles of all types. Family-owned and operated, All American Auto Body has been servicing vehicles in Northwest Illinois for over 30 years. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed on all refinishing and repairs. We offer 24-hour towing service, rental vehicles, complimentary transportation, mobile estimating, on-time guarantee, professional detailing, free vehicle pick up & delivery.

All American Auto Body works with all major insurance companies. Don’t let the Insurance company steer you to one of their shops. Illinois law states you have the right to choose the shop of your choice.

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Recommended by Ron Hopkins Ford. They were excellent. This company was extremely good. They handled me with care and bent over backwards to help me out. Whenever I needed something, they complied without any complaints. I highly recommend this shop to others.

Brian Johnson
Ford Explorer

Very professional in handling the business.

Hilario Degui
Toyota Corolla

Excellent professionalism and courtesy. I would recommend this shop to anyone I know. Keep up the good work.

Lydia Cesario
Buick Skylark

This shop recommended by my dealer. Excellent service, no improvement necessary.

Leonard Kreger
Ford Taurus

I know of the shop, they do good work. Just keep it up.

Edward Nelson
Ford Ranger

They did outstanding work for me in the past. I wouldn’t change anything.

Corey Ostdick
Ford F-150

My son’s boss highly recommended this shop because they care about customer satisfaction. Just keep doing what ever they are doing, it is great. Their service is the greatest that I have seen and dealt with. I went back a second time and I got again very good service as before and also they are all friendly. Thanks. Another fine job!!!

Carol Losik
Chrysler Sebring

Recommendation and people were friendly, organized and efficient. Very take charge professional group.

Rochelle Ludeman
Pontiac Grand Prix

Did an excellent job on past repairs. Trust the service that’s provided.

Noel Acevedo
Honda Civic

Previous service repair and quality of work. Not like others.

Vidal Lopez
Chevrolet K1500

I liked the way they covered all aspects of repair.

Gordon Oury
Nissan Altima

Hyundai dealer recommended shop so that was my first choice. I was very satisfied with the shop. I had questions and they had answers.

Kimberly Garcia
Hyundai Santa Fe

They were reasonable. Wouldn’t change a thing.

Jason Gleich
Ford F-150

They did an excellent and professional job.

Ascencio Alejandro
BMW 318i

It was right down the street from my job and customers at work all told me it was a good place. They even held my check for a week for my deductible.

Robin Tehan
Daewood Leganza

From employer’s recommendation. They were excellent.

Eric Hartmann
Ford Expedition

Because of previous repair work done. Also because of Jason Lange and Becky, along with the rest of his crew. They treat people with respect.

Ed Holic
Chrysler Sebring

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